Living Life With Zest!

John and Melinda met during their early days in School. There was no strong attachment but pure friendship borne out of their common beliefs and Family Life. John was the Son of the Mayor and had being trained to enjoy the ordinary things of Life. Melinda on the other hand was the Daughter of the Town’s Clerk. Their friendship blossomed till John was 17 and Melinda was 15. In the midst of their Teenage Years, John developed a keen interest in computers and apps. One of his innovations was to re-design the laptop batteries home outlook. He felt this could be his break in the world of Technological giants.

Sadly, due to some tension in their region, John’s Hometown suffered the devastation of War. Melinda and her Family had to flee to another Country during that season to begin a new Life. There was no communication between John and Melinda for years. The last time Melinda heard about John from the Grapevine was that he had lost his life in the War. Worn out and dejected due to the turmoil that she had gone through; she lived a secluded life. The pressure from her Family for her to get past the events of meeting and knowing John seemed to aggravate the tense situation.

It took 14 years for normalcy to return at the end of the War. Most young people had either died or were amputated while those who were fortunate to be alive tried to claw their way back to life. John had lost his family and all he had but was determined to make the most of Life. In the heat of his passion to give meaning back to his life, he continued his research work on Laptop batteries home. This gave him the break he needed as the accolades and positive reviews started flowing. John had it all going but he was in desperate need to settle down. He was fond of Melinda but had lost contact. What could happen if he made a rash decision?

On the other side of town, Melinda’s Family had returned to their roots and Life had started to pick up for Melinda. She had gotten a job at the Correctional Facility at the Outskirt of Town. She seemed to get back to her lively, bubbly self but had not being able to keep a relationship. She had tried a few but could not really find the love she so desired. This led her to throw herself at her job and give it all she got. A chance meeting brought her with John together. They rekindled their love and built the world of their dreams. John continued his technological work which gave him a pride of place in the world of Laptop batteries home. He was now a scientific genius who had it all together.

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