Summer Heat….Crispy Shingles

With this summer’s scorching heat and high humidity sucking the moisture out of everything under it, the people in Brownsville Tx are worried about the exterior of their homes suffering premature damage. That’s why it’s during this peak time that homeowners and business owners alike are searching for the best roofing company in Brownsville Tx amongst other types of contractors to come in and inspect the different areas of their homes and facilities for any potential or lingering damage. The roof tends to be the main concern for many people alike since your roof is the first layer of protection from the elements, particularly the sun and heat. Most roofs are may with a one of the following types of materials… * composite – has a lifetime in Texas conditions of about 15-20 years even though under normal conditions can last 30 years *clay – clay tiles are the norm for Spanish style homes and can last 20-30 or longer depending on the extremities of the conditions they are placed under * concrete – some facilities, including homes, have come to use flat surface roofs made of solid concrete. Although not completely flat, it must come with a “pitch” in order for water to run off Even though our choices are limited, each one of the types mentioned above comes with it’s own sets of benefits. Composition shingles are the most popular and the most common as they tend to fit in the majority of our budgets. Another great feature of this type of shingle is the variety of colors they come in to match our various exterior colors on our homes or businesses. Clay tiles are very attractive and bring a sense of prestige as the most common homes that use this type of tile are the larger more ritzy type of homes in high end neighborhoods. Concrete roof tops lean more towards the commercial end client who cares more about the longevity of their investment rather than the short term. The down side to concrete roofs is that they tend to weigh a lot on the supporting structure beneath them but other than that, they are very good for roofing as long as the supporting pitch is at the right angle. So which ever category your roof falls under, just remember that when doing your search for Brownsville roofers, make sure they have the knowledge of the type of roof you have or that they at least specialize in roofing other than composite shingles.

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